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About Psychotherapy

Sometimes it just helps to have someone else completely focused on you...your emotions, your thoughts, your wishes, desires, dreams, etc. It is a rare thing to experience this with friends and family and often it feels like a relief to have this time for yourself. This alone can be quite healing and provide the space and support you need to sort out what you are struggling with. It is great self-care!


Perhaps you’ve had an ongoing issue such as anxiety, depression or struggles with your relationships or your children. Maybe you have tried but you just haven’t been able to figure out what is going on or resolve the issue. In such cases, it can help to have a therapist guide you to go a little deeper inside…helping you uncover unconscious processes that underlie or block you from healing. Often bringing these thoughts or feelings into the light of consciousness, can break their hold on you, which can help you find some answers and hopefully, some peace.

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